The Independent Institute of Education is proud to announce the launch of our innovative IIEMarque  on your qualification certificate.  This is a first of its kind innovative electronic verification process designed to make it easy for you to communicate the detail of your qualification to anyone you choose to – including future employers, graduate studies institutions or anyone else who may need to know more than the name of your qualification.

On your certificate is a QR code behind which is a URL that is unique to you – once you have logged in and authenticated yourself and decided which aspects of the information you want others to have you by amending your password; you can then share this information with anyone by sharing the QR code or the URL. (Try it with your smartphone now – it works!)


Employers and other education institutions frequently need additional detail about our registration and accreditation status, the registration status of your qualification and details about the curriculum including credit values and NQF levels.  Many will also ask you for the SAQA identification number.  Providing all this information on request to enable them to make quick decisions about your future is often cumbersome and time consuming and involves lots of paper or large scanned files – your IIEMarque application changes all this.  With a scan from a smartphone or a quick click on a link ( all of this important additional information is instantly available.  You can also choose to make your results for each module immediately visible.

Your personalised record space on IIEMarque will also allow you to give others quick access to your LinkedIn or Twitter or Facebook or any other social profile you choose to add thereby allowing you to customise all the additional information – you would like to show anyone viewing your information – that you would like others to be able to access easily.  This enables you to use your IIEMarque as a "one stop" destination for access to all the information others need to know to understand, recognise and value your achievements.

IIEMarque changes the way graduates can communicate their credentials to prospective employers and postgraduate study institutions – the pride you have in your qualification and our commitment to its quality is now so much easier to share.

 IIEMARQUE How to Guide