​Protect your Qualification. Report Unethical Behaviour. ​

Our reputation and the value of our qualifications depends on the integrity of our academic processes and the safety of our teaching and learning environments.

This Ethics Hotline has been established to enable you to confidentially and anonymously report misconduct, intimidation, corruption, solicitation of bribes or favours and/or fraud if you are not able to do so using the existing open channels. 

Using the hotline

The Independent Institute of Education expects you to use the hotline to report suspicions responsibly.  That means that this is not a mechanism to use to settle scores or maliciously or falsely accuse anyone. In return we can assure you that no person will be subjected to any form of victimization as a result of having reported their suspicions.

Should you have any follow-up queries or wish to obtain further information on the hotline, please do not hesitate to contact the ADvTECH internal audit department.

Call Us 08600 37283  Mail us ethicshotline@iie.ac.za

​Support and Endorsement

The hotline is fully endorsed and supported by the senior management of The Independent Institute of Education at the brands, on the campuses and centrally at the Central Academic Team.

​​What should I be reporting?

You should report any activity of which you have a reasonable suspicion that could undermine the safety of the teaching and learning environment or the integrity and reputation of the qualifications. This could then include cheating in assessments or assessment leaks, pressure from anyone to carry out any activity in exchange for a favour including but not limited to succeeding in an assessment or module; sale or trading of illegal substances; intimidation; harassment, dishonesty, theft or fraud.

​What happens when I call or mail?

If you phone, a voice message will prompt you to leave a detailed message of the incident. Once the message has been heard and the information captured and documented, it is then deleted.  All calls will be treated with the utmost confidence. There is in no way your contact number can be identified or traced. For this reason, you need to give as much information as possible when you call as the investigating team cannot get back to you to ask for more information.  If you want to you can leave a number but you are not required to do so.

If you mail you can leave more detail.  Please indicate if you want to be contacted.  If you do not the mail will be deleted once the content has been copied.

Any disclosure is protected in terms of the Protected Disclosure Act to which we comply.

​​What happens if I don't call?

The behaviour is likely to escalate and more people are likely to be exploited or misled.   If the information comes to light through another more public process the reputation of the Institute may be damaged which may impact on you and your qualification.  It is in our collective best interest to protect the integrity of our institution and the safety of students and staff.

​How sure do I need to be?

The person carrying out the behaviour would normally have gone to lengths to keep it secret and thus you may not have concrete evidence.  You may however also not be the only person reporting the behaviour and we may be able to conduct a full investigation based on the pieces of information several people give us.  So please give us much detail as you can such as names and places and details of modules.  Please be satisfied in your conscience that there is probably something inappropriate happening – you are not expected to be 100% sure of the facts.

The decision to speak up may not be easy but sharing this responsibility will ensure that poor choices do not impact us all.  We encourage you to use the Ethics Hotline and to raise your concerns confidentially and anonymously, without fear of consequences. 

 Protect your qualification.

Report unethical behaviour.

Call Us 08600 37283  Mail us ethicshotline@iie.ac.za