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Nov 02

Here is a collection of fantastic advice to help you through to the very last paper, from our experts at at The Independent Institute of Education, SA's largest private higher education institution.

The things to remember with the papers that didn't go well are firstly that once you hand in the paper there is nothing more you can do, so you need to let it go. It is pointless to obsess about something that you cannot control, for instance thinking about the points you forgot, the way you could have better answered certain questions, or even the fact that you could have studied harder. It is far better to focus on what you can still do now, for instance studying harder for the next paper. - Dr Gillian Mooney, Dean: Academic Development and Support.

While it goes without saying you would have preferred excellent results and optimal performance, even if the worst-case scenario comes to pass, there will still be many options open to you. For instance if you don't achieve the marks required to take up your space at the higher education institution of your choice, you could do a rewrite or investigate other options – and there are so many – for which you DO qualify. - Dr Gillian Mooney, Dean: Academic Development and Support.

Don't let a bad start overshadow your final exams entirely. Dr Gillian Mooney, Dean: Academic Development and Support.

Restrict social media during focussed 1-2 hour study sessions so concentration is not interrupted, and allow it during breaks - preferably away from the desk – in conjunction with a healthy snack and some fresh air. - Nola Payne, Head of Faculty: Information and Communications Technology.

Don't cheat! At this stage, you may feel that it is the only option remaining for you, but what you think is the quickest and easiest route may very well destroy your future, and have repercussions that follow you throughout your life. - Dr Gillian Mooney, Dean: Academic Development and Support.

Even if things seem catastrophic at this stage, bad results or even failure doesn't need to mean the end of one's dreams for a successful future. - Dr Gillian Mooney, Dean: Academic Development and Support.

See where you can save or create time, and where you can put in an extra hour or two every day. Every little bit helps, and the time you take to do a mock paper could mean the difference between being accepted into your course or institution of choice next year or not. - Dr Gillian Mooney, Dean: Academic Development and Support.

While you are studying, focus on nothing else. At night, when you go to bed, and in the morning when you wake up, think about your future. Visualise why you are putting in all the hard work now, and picture your future. - Nola Payne, Head of Faculty: Information and Communications Technology.


The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE) is a division of the JSE-listed ADvTECH Group, Africa's largest private education provider. The IIE is the largest, most accredited registered private higher education institute in South Africa, and the only one accredited by The British Accreditation Council (BAC), the independent quality assurance authority that accredits private institutions in the UK. By law, private higher education institutions in South Africa may not call themselves Private Universities, although registered private institutions are subject to the same regulations, accreditation requirements and oversight as Public Universities.

The IIE has a history in education and training since 1909, and its brands - Rosebank CollegeVarsity College and Vega - are widely recognised and respected for producing workplace-ready graduates, many of whom become industry-leaders in their chosen fields. The IIE offers a wide range of qualifications, from post-graduate degrees to short courses, on 20 registered higher education campuses across South Africa.


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