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The World of Work is proudly brought to you by The Independent Institute of Education, as part of our mission to supply top class graduates, who are prepared for the workplace, to build a prosperous South Africa.

One of the biggest concerns facing students is the stiff competition they will face when attempting to enter the job market, and whether they will be able to rise to the challenge once they land their first job.

The good news is that they are in a position to improve their chances of standing out during the application and interview process, or their odds of launching their own successful business, by ensuring they are ready for the transition from lecture hall to office. At The Independent Institute of Education, South Africa’s largest and most accredited private higher education provider, all our campuses and all our courses are actively designed around making our graduates valuable contributors from the first day they enter the world of work.

As a result, we can boast an unrivalled success rate in placing our graduates. Employers recognise and appreciate that by employing an IIE graduate, they will not only hire talented individuals who have mastered the technical aspects of their chosen profession, but also people who have been schooled to understand and effectively conduct themselves in the new environment of work.

The World of Work aims to make the insight into this new environment more widely accessible, and to help students throughout the country confidently take the important life steps – from preparing for their studies – to pitching for a promotion.

* The Independent Institute of Education is home to 20 registered higher education campuses across South Africa, and offers a wide range of qualifications, from short courses to post-graduate degrees. For more information on the various campuses and courses on offer, please visit the links of our partners on the homepage.


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