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Apr 15
You aren’t good enough: What I learned from defying average

At school every report I received confirmed that I was average. I was always two percent above or below the grade average. Without fail, my teachers would put how average I am into writing: “Jacques can do better… I’m disappointed in him”. 

I even had teachers tell me how much I’m not like my older sister, which was disappointing to them. Then university came around and I managed to scrape through Marketing Management’s parrot-fashioned learning with an average of 54%, which is just so super average. 

Finally, I was mad enough to decide to take on an Honours year at Vega​, the brand communications school of The Independent Institute of Education​. For the first time in my life I actually felt like I was better than average; I was allowed to ‘think’ how I naturally ‘thunk’.

This is the amazing story of ​Vega alumnus Jacques de Bruyn, who went from super down and out to MD of his own highly successful digital agency, Flume​. ​

What  was the catalyst that brought such a major change in his life?

In his own words: 

"One day I woke up with a picture of myself as an 85 year-old, sitting on a chair with blankets on my legs.

It was as if my older self was speaking to me and this is what he said: 'Jacques, the regret of never having tried will always weigh heavier on you than the fear of trying and failing'. 

That was my wake-up call. I could deal with trying and failing because then at least I’d know. But getting to the end of my life and wondering why I’d never tried, the regret in that moment would be even more painful – and the worst is, it could never be undone.​"

For the full story and solid pointers on how you can also address a rut in your life, check out his full blogpost here



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