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Jan 11


The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), SA's largest and most accredited private higher education provider, recognises that one of the challenges facing the South African education system is the production of sufficient, qualified, competent teachers, who can provide quality teaching.

Teachers have the ability to shape the future of the country through their influence on young lives and while there are many challenges in the profession there is no doubt that the impact of a good teacher is one of the things that many prominent people hold responsible for their own  success.  

"By developing teachers equipped to deal with different cultures, the changes in the educational landscape and teaching profession, we hope to make a lasting contribution to the education sector," says Greg Fillmore Managing Director at The IIE's Rosebank College.

As from 2018, The IIE's education qualifications will be available at specific Rosebank College campuses for those interested in pursuing a career in teaching. Applications for the Bachelor of Education in Intermediate Phase Teaching and Bachelor of Education in Foundation Phase Teaching are now open, but space is limited.

Teacher development and training is key to providing the next generation of learners with a generation of teachers equipped to help them succeed.  

"We recognise that the most important people in schools are the teachers.  If a person has respect for others, a willingness to develop and a desire to empower youth - then the skill of teaching can be taught," says Fillmore.  

The accredited IIE education degrees, offered at Rosebank College, have been designed with the teacher's development in mind, and focus on equipping our IIE graduates with the necessary skills and tools to become effective and student-centered educators.

"We teach teachers how to share knowledge in a way that allows young minds to develop their understanding of the world around them.  We believe that good teachers set learning goals, enforce high standards of behaviour and manage their lesson time effectively. Not only that, they use tried-and-tested techniques to ensure engagement between student and the course material," adds Fillmore.

There is no question that education is essential to South Africa's success and our IIE qualifications will play their part in changing the trajectory of our education system for the better.


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